Wednesday September 7, 2016

Maanagaram (Music review), Tamil – Javed Riaz

Posted by Karthik

Iravu vettai aadhuthey is apt in the background for a montage of shots of evil people making their best of the night in a big city. Vaazhvey oru poro is on similar lines, with Suraj Jagan extending his vocal chords to a screech. It’s a story, with stylish rendition by Sharanya Gopinath, passes muster. Karthik completely owns the spritely tune of Yendi unna pidikkuthu, with a particularly lovely way Javed lets the words get dragged and the jaunty rhythm in the anupallavi. Aarthi N Ashwin is fantastic handling the lush melody of Thollai seiyum. Javed shows flair in the melodies.

Keywords: Maanagaram, Javed Riaz

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  • Chuttan

    Is the music review of 100 words, i doubt, it seems quite small!!

  • Chuttan

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  • Chuttan

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      • Chuttan

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      • Chuttan

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        • milliblog

          Sorry, have to block you now.

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