Philips And The Monkey Pen (Music review), Malayalam – Rahul Subramanian

Neha Venugopal and Sachin Warrier carry En kanimalare confidently in their respective versions, with the pleasant, tuneful song working easily! Kanavukalil has good vocals by Najeem Arshad, even as the song makes a lovely shift from pop to a semi-classical base, with a brief folk bridge! Arun Elat is apt for the lilting, sing-along’ish Vinnile tharakan, while Balyathil, comes alive in Remya Nabeesan and the kids’ chorus. Shaan Rehman’s It’s Just Another Day is the only song that seems to be trying a bit too hard, despite its catchy, reggae outlook. Good debut by Remya Nambeesan’s brother Rahul Subramanian, however!

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