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As a massive fan of time travel, it is only natural that I track and watch every film based on time travel. Having seen a LOT of such films, you may not notice my all-time favorite time travel-based film listed in *any* top 10 or top 50 time travel movies list – it is a […]

Now that the whole world has written about Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, let me simply say I loved it. It is perfect popcorn material and is thoroughly enjoyable despite its little quirks of stupidity at times. I’d like to point to just two things in the context of the film. One, I […]

Sunday July 31, 2011 18:28

Of armchair epiphanies in just one life…

I happened to see Delhi Belly last weekend and enjoyed it immensely. This weekend, I caught up with Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, after a lot of prodding from a LOT of friends who assured me that I would ‘love it’. And guess what! I have some amazingly perceptive friends. Or, I’m so easy to comprehend, […]

Tuesday January 11, 2011 23:11

127 Hours (Movie review), Director: Danny Boyle

“The film has a story that can be summed up in one sentence on the back of an envelope.” Next time you see that sentence or its cousins and nephews in a film review, mentally kick the reviewer. The truth is, most films’ stories can indeed be written in a sentence on the back of […]

I remember writing this, in my review of Pandiraj’s debut Tamil film, ‘Pasanga‘. Tamil cinema is home to rampant male domination. No hero in our state apologizes – its always the woman who is used to apologizing; if the man does, he’s either above 50 (in filmy age) or from a neighboring state (Mammooty?). And […]

Sunday October 17, 2010 14:27

Endhiran (Tamil) – Director: Shankar

Can Dunning-Kruger effect be tested on Rajinikanth fans? Let me explain. Rajinikanth fans want the man to perform death defying stunts. They want him to be the uber-male who can entice any woman. They also want him to ‘perform’ his style. All sounds normal, but do they want him to be intelligent? And, if he […]

Is this the same mild-mannered, kid-friendly uncle we saw in the Spy Kids franchise? Though Grind House did prepare us with the fake Machete trailer, the man sure seems to have acquired a lot of new things, while getting his own spin-off. A myth behind his name, an image of a stud who sweeps women […]

Sunday August 29, 2010 16:35

Naan Mahaan Alla (Tamil, Susindran)

If there’s one recent Tamil film that evoked a rather loud ‘What the f***?’ from me, it is Naan Mahaan Alla. Here’s a film that has everything going for it but actually ends up making a hapless mishmash of it all! The template seems largely similar to Vetrimaran’s vastly-superior Polladhavan, starring Dhanush. The stark lower […]

I recently came across a few tweets by @allusirish, on sci-fi films in India. Our prev gen of filmmakers were better of than us. “Karuda Rathrikal” starring MGR, Bhanumathi was an alien visitation film in 1960.. (Link) Satyajit Ray & Columbia Pics attempted 2 make a film “The Alien” in 1960 with Marlon Brando based […]

In Indian films, She’s Out Of My League would be that film which has a side-kick, comedian as the hero. And average-Joe, Jay Baruchel, looks even below average through-out the film. His goofball antics only add to that aura…err, or lack of it. I’d perhaps give Kirk (Jay) a hard 4, if I were to […]

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