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Milliblog Weeklies, Week 175 – Feb.27, 2022

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Milliblog Weeklies – India’s only multilingual, weekly new music playlist.
Week 175: On Spotify | On YouTube
10 songs, this week! All the songs are available on both YouTube, while Spotify is missing the Coke Studio Bangla song!

Siragai, Viduthalai, Yaarisaikka & Title Song – Hey Sinamika (Govind Vasantha) – Tamil: If I had not known the name of this film’s composer, I’d have guessed Siragai to be Rahman’s – the rhythm is so reminiscent of a set of Rahman’s songs from the yore! The tune is very Govind Vasantha, though, with a very sweet opening and a somber turn in the anupallavi that gets Rahman’ish with the ‘KaariruL neekkum theeyaai’ line again 🙂 Keethana Vaidyanathan and Sai Prabha handle the tune’s many twists very well even as the song ends on a high with a lively rhythm-led closure that’s very Bollywood-style.

Viduthalai too carries a strong whiff of Rahman – the Alaipayuthey phase! But Govinda throws a lovely surprise in the ‘ViNNile Naan Mattume’ line that seems like a delicate strand of 96’s music dropped into this soundtrack set to a more bouncy background music! The chorus in this portion is very well handled, and Prarthana Indrajith’s main portion too is excellent. Bombay Jayashri is stellar, as always, in the soundtrack’s only pathos song, Yaarisaikka. The title song has an unenviable task of playing on a phrase (the film’s title) made incredibly popular by Rahman, but instead of going headlong, with lyrics and all, it cleverly aims at being a catchy piece of instrumental music. Within those confines, it does a superb job!

Considering I have already written about the 3 songs released earlier, and the fact that the soundtrack has 7 songs, this is a terrific album overall!

Thaaruzhiyum – Aaraattu (Rahul Raj) – Malayalam: The wonderfully melodious melody took me straight to Ilayaraja’s Pudhumai PeN classic, ‘Kaadhal… Mayakkam’. Is there a Sudha Saveri raaga connection, I wonder! Harishankar K.S and Poornasree Haridas are outstanding in the song rendition even as it traverses multiple phases.

Ondu Oorali, Yennegu Hennigu & Meet Madana – Ek Love Ya (Arjun Janya) – Kannada: I recall writing about Yaare Yaare, the first song released in February 2021. Post that I had missed the other songs that were released earlier. Now that the film has been released, it may be a good time to list the other 3 hugely listenable songs from the soundtrack. Shankar Mahadevan seemed like an unusual choice for Ondu Oorali – I would have expected Arjun to pick Vijay Prakash without a thought for this song. It’s very rhythmic and catchy, but the base melody is highly tuneful with a mildly sad edge to it! In hindsight, Shankar’s choice is quite a smart idea!

Yennegu Hennigu and Meet Madana too are incredibly foot-tapping, but the true stars of the songs are singers, Mangli (with support from Kailash Kher) and Aiswarya Rangarajan, respectively. The former’s folk-style melody is perfect for Mangli’s familiar singing template, while Aishwarya rules over the latter that has extended musical phrases that almost sound like sung lines!

Tu Na Aaya – Rahi Sayed, Nikhita Gandhi (Indipop): Kashmir-based singer and songwriter Rahi Sayed composes the song and sings it as a duet with Nikhita. It’s a simple, charming tune that gains tremendously from the two excellent singers. I’m assuming the ‘Rinda Rinda’ part is in Kashmiri – it’s a lovely hook in the song!

Nasek Nasek – Coke Studio Bangla: On the heels of Coke Studio Pakistan’s 14th season, here’s the first season of Coke Studio Bangladesh! The season started with a rousing recreation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Ekla Chôlo Re, and with the first song—Nasek Nasek—the season makes a brilliant start! In true Coke Studio style, the song mixes a Hajong dialect verse by Animes Roy and the Bangla folk song Dol Dol Doloni. The confluence is heady, with stupendous background music!



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