Sunday November 19, 2017

Fukrey Returns (Music review), Hindi – Assorted composers

Posted by Karthik

Prem & Hardeep’s O meri mehbooba remix is a terrible khichdi. Peh gaya khalara fits in Jasleen’s 2nd template (the 1st being the child-woman melody) – generic, highly rhythmic Punjabi folk. Sumeet Bellary scores well with Tu mera bhai and Bura na mano; adequately funky, with eclectic musical mix. Shaarib & Toshi’s soulful Punjabi ballad Ishq de fanniyar is significantly better in Jyotica Tangri’s female version than the male variant. Gulraj’s Fukrey Returns is the soundtrack’s weakest, while Shree D and ishQ Bector’s Raina is painfully, pointlessly maudlin. Aptly titled soundtrack that’s a far cry from Ram Sampat’s superior original.

Keywords: Fukrey Returns, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Prem & Hardeep, Jasleen Royal, Sumeet Bellary, Shaarib & Toshi, Gulraj Singh, Shree D & ishQ Bector

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