Sunday January 31, 2016

Jil Jung Juk (Music review), Tamil – Vishal Chandrashekhar

Posted by Karthik

Shoot the kuruvi makes up for its bewilderingly bizarre lyrics—including a corny leave letter read out by Radha Ravi—by being mighty catchy. Vishal’s tune sounds like something the song’s singer, Anirudh, would have composed! Domer-u lord-u continues the vibrant lyrical absurdity and throws in everything from the kitchen sink to Muthiah Bhagavathar’s English Notes from Thillana Mohanambal, to create a heady mix, headlined by Anthony Daasan and Maria Kavitha Thomas. Red road-u, the soundtrack’s best, is scintillating Tamil electro swing, and gets Santhosh Narayanan and Sean Roldan to deliver it in style. The lyrics, by director Deeraj Vaidy, are again, consistently nutty and funny. Casanova is perhaps the soundtrack’s most inventive – it not only mixes jazz and dubstep into a Bond theme-style tune led beautifully by Andrea, but lyricist Vivek goes hyper imaginative with his Tamil usage, literally oozing—pun intended—sex. On the back of this clever Tamil wordplay, Shoot the kuruvi‘s other version with another bird—sparrow replaced with the parrot— Shoot the kili assumes a different meaning, for the Tamil-aware. The sound is completely spruced up in punchy rock, sung well by Siddharth. With its impressive range, Jil Jung Juk seems like Vishal’s ticket to the big league.

Keywords: Jil Jung Juk, Vishal Chandrashekhar, 200, #200

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