Sunday December 28, 2014

Ugly (Music review), Hindi – G V Prakash Kumar, Shree D & Ishq Bector

Posted by Karthik

G V Prakash Kumar sounds awkward in Sooraj hai kahaan; the generic tune doesn’t help either. But the composer makes up for it in Papa, a poignant melody that he hands over to dependable Shilpa Rao. Even Nichod de, beyond its limited item-number aspirations, works, thanks to GVP keeping it simple and catchy, along with Bharka Swaroop Saxena’s funky vocals. Money is merely background’ish, while the Ishq Bector and Shree D composed title track sounds every bit like the pointless producer-forced promo song. GVP’s Hindi debut was a joke(r); this one thankfully doesn’t symbolize the title. It is ordinary, though.

Keywords: Ugly, G V Prakash Kumar, Shree D, Ishq Bector



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