Happy Ending (Music review), Hindi – Sachin-Jigar

G phaad ke is a bloody catchy mix – Divya Kumar and Shefali Alvares scorch the dance floor with their enthusiasm. The tune moves in intriguingly captivating directions before comfortably settling on the addictive hilke nacho hook. Paaji tussi such a pussy cat has a heady, corny twang and along with its hilarious lyrics, it’s a riot! Siddharth Basrur, Rahul Pandey and Shruti Pathak are superb in the lilting Haseena tu – the almost conversational tune is wrapped in a punchy package, topped with the thumping percussion. Rekha Bhardwaj is an oddly interesting inclusion between Jigar and Priya Andrews in Mileya mileya, but the trio deliver the breezy tune darn well, complete with a lovely sax signature all through. Khamma ghani depends on the solid vocals of Papon and the man is rock solid, owning the melancholic tune, with generous support from Smita and Vidhi for the hook. The composing duo reuse their kick-ass Telugu song, Meher meher, from D For Dopidi – as they should – in Jaise mera tu. It worked brilliantly in Telugu and it easily fits here, with its harmonium-led melody! Happy Ending ends Sachin-Jigar’s middling 2014 score card in bouncy style! (barring Finding Fanny’s solo).

Keywords: Sachin-Jigar, Happy Ending, 200, #200