D For Dopidi (Music review), Telugu – Sachin Jigar & Mahesh Shankar

Sachin Jigar get the Telugu masala idiom mighty well in Rowdy fellows, but it is a bit too templatized, with a very familiar and predictable hook to make any difference. But the duo get back to their Shuddh Desi Romance territory in Meher meher – lovely, breezy melody, with the harmonium’ish sound as the highlight, sung well by Priya Saraiya, Karunya and Madhav Krishna! Of Mahesh Shankar’s three songs, Rum pum pum‘s pulsating country-rock sound and the title song‘s kuthu make for good listen, over the dopey Ding dong. Competent soundtrack, with Sachin Jigar’s Meher meher ruling over everything else!

Keywords: Sachin Jigar, Mahesh Shankar, D For Dopidi