Sunday July 14, 2013

Alias Janaki (Music review), Telugu – Shravan & Ram Narayan

Posted by Karthik

Composer Shravan sings Kaadhal prema himself as if his life depended on it… and it works wonderfully well, for the catchy melody! Both Maarinade (the version by Haricharan being much better than the other version by Guna) and Konchem konchem are soft melodies layered with ambitiously grand orchestration that kick off mid-way – it’s quite apparent Shravan does have a flair for this. Balram Iyer’s Aranyamantha is background’ish at best, while Kaatuka kannula is middling. Ram Narayan guest item number is terribly templatized. After his fairly interesting debut earlier in Eyy, Shravan indicates that he may be here to stay!

Keywords: Shravan, Alias Janaki



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