1920 Evil Returns (Music review), Hindi – Chirantan Bhatt

Apnaa mujhe tu lagaa is by-the-template ballad sung soulfully by Sonu Nigam – nothing new that we haven’t heard, but mildly impactful too. Chirantan scores better in the very Pritam’ish Uska hi banana, where Arijit Singh is the star, while Jaavedaan hai goes much deeper into Pritam territory – partly because of the harmonious chorus and maily because of KK’s vocals; pleasant tune, but way too templatized. Khud ko tere brings back the Nadeem Shravan school of music, but in Mahalaxmi Iyer’s vocals – doesn’t work. Majboor tu bhi kahin sinks further – a wailing drone! Blah Bhatt music template.

Keywords: 1920 Evil Returns, Chirantan Bhatt