Student Of The Year (Music review), Hindi – Vishal-Shekhar

Vishal and Shefali’s vocals are Ratta maar‘s highlight, an angst’y outpouring against rote-learning, with simplistic lyrics, but to an anthemic tune. The sedate opening of Radha belies the effervescent, tune that follows, complete with Karan Johar’ish accented English phrases; Vishal’s Radha teri chunari hook is mighty catchy! Disco deewane’s remix is adequately pulsating, but rather templatized within Vishal Shekhar’s repertoire, while Kukkad and Vele play safe within the confines of Punju-techno and Punju-hiphop, respectively. But, despite the cringe-worthy lyrics, Ishq wala love rules, with its delightfully frothy and hummable melody. Student Of The Year offers perky, enjoyable – albeit predictable – music.

Keywords: Vishal Shekhar, Student Of The Year, SOTY