Businessman (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Mumbai is a glitzy musical introduction with generous help from Sivamani in the punchy percussion, but the Businessman theme is pointlessly overwrought. Bad Boys is typical Telugu masala-style fun but it loses spunk a bit too soon. Chandamama does have an interesting tune, but the orchestration is clearly overpowering, while Pilla chao is an unimaginative concoction of a familiar Latino’ish tune. That leaves Suchitra and Thaman to sing and salvage the soundtrack with Sir osthara, a cleverly addictive slow melody from Thaman. Businessman’s soundtrack is perfunctory and lacks the energetic and lively appeal of the actor-composer duo’s last outing, Dookudu.

Keywords: Mahesh Babu, Thaman, Purijagannadh, Businessman, Dookudu