Delhi Belly (Music review), Hindi – Ram Sampath

Beyond the cleverly unparliamentary premise, Bhaag D.K. Bose also has attitude-loaded lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya and a highly energetic guitar-backed arrangement, both of which make this manic track thoroughly endearing! Nakkaddwaley disco sees Keerthi Sagathia doing a Nusrat, but with hilarious sentences; this one’s almost like one of Nusrat’s international fusion projects…just that this is a superb parody. Saigal Blues is where the composer/lyricist Ram Sampath and singer/lyricist Chetan Shashital have a ball, and the result is spectacularly inventive and supremely enjoyable! Bedardi raja chugs along predictable lines, but Sona Mohapatra’s sprightly vocals help, while Suraj Jagan angst-laden Jaa chudail successfully brings back not-so-pleasant memories of women who spurned you back in school and college! Tere siva works beautifully like an extended version of one of Ram Sampath’s memorable ad jingles, even as Keerthi Sagathia’s punk version of Switty tera pyaar makes for a far more convincing listen than the normal version. I hate you thankfully leaves its Luv Ka The End sound behind soon enough and packs in some wicked 80s style filmy fun. Delhi Belly almost seems like a cleansing act for what Ram did in his last Bollywood outing and the result is one kick-ass ingenious soundtrack!

Keywords: Ram Sampath, Imran Khan, Aamir Khan, Delhi Belly, #200