Kullanari Koottam (Music review), Tamil – Selvaganesh

Vizhigalile is pitch-perfect; delightful tune, beautifully orchestrated and super vocals by Karthik and Chinmayi – delectable! If that was good, then Hariharan’s solo, Kadhal enbadhai, gets even better! On the lines of the sparse, early-Rahman, love-soaked melodies, this one, with wonderful lyrics by Suryaprabhakar, is stunningly beautiful! Hariharan’s sonorous voice makes it sound even better – great choice of singer by the composer! The title song is pulsatingly arranged, but that’s about it. Adugira maattai and Acham are middling, templatized tracks evoking limited interest. After his abysmal work in Drohi, composer Selvaganesh more than redeems himself with Vizhigalile and Kaadhal enbadhai!

Keywords: Kullanari Koottam, Vishnu, Selvaganesh