Music review: Chance Pe Dance (Hindi – Adnan Sami, Ken Ghosh & Sandeep Shirodkar)

Pe pe pepein is frivolously noisy and is something Pritam composes in his sleep, while Pump it up is something that is meant to support Shahid’s steps than delight listeners. Things turn better with Pal mein hi, though not so much, since its strictly a middling and predictable melody. One more chance and Just do it (by Ken Ghosh and Sandeep Shirodkar) are largely pointless, but the neat retro touch of Yaba daba yahoo has something going for it. Rishta hai mera has a catchy hook, but is overall jaded. Adnan makes a half-hearted pitch with Chance Pe Dance’s soundtrack.

Keywords: Shahid Kapoor, Genelia D’Souza, Adnan Sami, Ken Ghosh