Music review: Dulha Mil Gaya (Hindi – Lalit Pandit & Pritam)

Despite the strong Chopra-feel, Aaja aaja has a pleasant lilt to it, while Akela dil and Magar meri jaan‘s fancy rhythms and vocals fall completely flat. Tu jo jaan le is Sonu’s show all the way; he actually gets his melodic Kannada high in Hindi here. Shreya’s Rang diya dil is pushing the nostalgia too far even as Daler’s title song is plain silly. Amit Kumar’s Dilrubaon ke jalwe is a waste of time, while Pritam’s sole track Shiri Frahad, featuring Neeraj Sridhar is sadly conventional. Strangely, the only thing that stays in this soundtrack is the nostalgic Aaja ajaa!

Keywords: Shah Rukh Khan, Susmita Sen, Pritam, Lalit Pandit