Music review: Thaakath (Kannada – Gurukiran)

Kunal Ganjawala is not the only highlight of Doresani neenu – Guru’s soothing orchestration with a soaring guitar line is equally good – lively melody. Alele savari is the soundtrack’s highlight – Pichalli Srinivas’ rustic vocals and an instantly catchy tune. Kannambaadi is almost like a Raghu Dixit track – B.Jayashree and Vasu Dixit are fabulous in this soaked-in-folk sound while the sing-along bus trip, Raiyya Rai, with an assortment of voices is a joyful ride! The only track that doesn’t work is the supposedly sensuous Maare maara – ends up being funny, instead. Thaakath has Gurukiran in inspired form!

Keywords: Thaakath, Vijay, Subha Punja, Gurukiran, Guru Kiran