Thursday April 19, 2007

The Train (Hindi – Mithoon)

Posted by Karthik

Woh ajnabee captivates right from the start – with a catchy stacatto rhythm and an extraordinary singing debut by Mithoon, Shilpa Rao pitching-in equally beautifully. That Dhadkan dhadkan line, besides the conscious absence of a conventional mukhda-antara pattern, is particularly a masterstroke that works very well. KK and Syed Quadri are at their soulful best in Beete lamhein, in the singing and lyrics department respectively. Teri tamanna indicates that Zubeen’s vocals are getting typecast, but Mithoon makes it up with zingy orchestration and adding KK’s vocals appropriately. Mausam has the composer crooning again, impeccably, amidst an ambient rock’ish sound. This track also has some fine nuanced innovations in the song’s pattern – most notably the way Mithoon abruptly ends some of the words that were dragged deliciously earlier on. That leaves us with a slightly out of place The Train – An inspiration, who’s lyrics take the train analogy a bit too far, rather cheesily. Thankfully, Mithoon makes it a fairly enjoyable listen with the impressive backgrounds. Mithoon composes and sings his way through this soundtrack and emerges as one of the most promising musical stars from India, next only to A R Rahman. This kid is on the threshold of superstardom!

Keywords: The Train, Mithoon Sharma, Emraan Hashmi, Sayali Bhagat, Geeta Basra

Note: 200 words. Well deserved!



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