Wednesday March 28, 2007

Small, annoying update!

Posted by Karthik

Request users to register once – just once – for commenting. When you try to comment, you’d get the ‘you need to be logged in to comment’ message – click on the link for ‘logged in’ and choose the ‘register’ option in the subsequent page…simple! I’ve had enough problems with names of people commenting getting mixed up. Did some Googling for a solution, in vain. Decided to enable ‘register for comments’ options. So, what happens now? One, the number of people who wish to comment comes down by half – since milliblog becomes ‘one more’ site where you need to register – a terrible chore. But, trust me, the registration is rather basic and you do it just once! This is also to avoid anonymous comments – what with the recent Kathy Sierra issue that has the blogging world buzzing endlessly! I should perhaps think twice before thrashing a soundtrack in the future 🙂



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