Friday January 20, 2017

Rangoon (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Bhardwaj

Posted by Karthik

The women in Rangoon seem to be having raucous fun, while the men either brood or sing jubilant praises of the woman! Sunidhi enthusiastically swears (in) Bloody hell, lamenting the bell that stalled a proposal, with Gulzar adding many other ‘English’ acts, besides English kiss! Mere miyan gaye England is Gulzar mischievously subverting Mere piya gaye Rangoon, invoking whimsical reactions from Hitler and Winston Churchill! In the atmospheric Tippa*, Sunidhi delivers the emotional high, with excellent support from Rekha, Sukhwinder and the out-of-the-blue OS Arun! Ek dooni‘s Latino pop is instantly catchy, and Chori chori—aptly chirpy—is the only retro-style tune. Dominique Cerejo’s Be still my heart is whispery, intimate jazz while the foot-tapping rock ‘n’ roll Shimmy Shake works because of Vivienne Pocha. As for the men, Arijit’s Yeh ishq hai is almost like Vishal’s cover of Dil se re! Sedate start that eventually hits the high-pitched ‘Yeh ishq hai’ like ‘Dil se re’! Rekha’s version, in comparison, is an incongruous quasi-qawali. In Alvida, Arijit is desolate, with a searing melody. The men go ga-ga over Julia, in a flashy, theatrical manner and the Rangoon theme is all pensive and very Chinese. Vishal at his usual, unorthodox best in Rangoon.

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*Tippa seems to be a recreation of Vishal Bhardwaj composed title song of the Japanese animated series, Alice In Wonderland. Lyrics was by Gulzar, as always! Thanks to Vaibhav Kalway for the trivia.



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