Friday November 18, 2016

Vallavanukkum Vallavan (Music review), Tamil – Raghu Dixit, Ajesh

Posted by Karthik

Ajesh’s lone composition, Oorumona orathula is a lyrical oddity, with Anthonydasan claiming that Che Guevera will join his next political rally. Raghu Dixit opens his account with Karakudike rani, a raucous song that revels in its ribaldry, aided by an energetic rhythm. In Koluse sol koluse, Raghu suffixes a joyous, Calypso’ish medley to Mangalyam thandhunane, with exuberant singing by Nakul Abhyankar and Manasi Mahadevan. Anthonydasan rocks the ‘spirited’ kuthu, Nallavanukkum nallavenda, though it moves along predictable lines. Saadhu mirandal is the soundtrack’s richest, musically, with flamboyant guitars and a grungy sound. Raghu Dixit’s second Tamil film is a passable avial.

Keywords: Vallavanukkum Vallavan, Raghu Dixit, Ajesh

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