Friday November 4, 2016

Force 2 (Music review), Hindi – Gourov-Roshin and Amaal Mallik

Posted by Karthik

Beyond the jingoistic ode to the Indian Army, Rang laal has nothing going for it, given it is a loosely strung set of dialogs and occasional outbursts of so-called tune. Gourov-Roshin’s remix of Mr.India’s iconic Kaate nahi in O janiya has a distinct 90s Indipop feel and Neha Kakkar’s labored singing doesn’t make it any better. They close their account with the meandering Catch me if you can, with Amaal Mallik screaming his lungs out hopelessly. Ironically, Amaal’s guest composition, Ishaara, sung by Armaan is the soundtrack’s best – pleasant melody with a mellow lilt. Force 2’s soundtrack seems forced.

Keywords: Force 2, Gourov Dasgupta, Roshin Balu, Gourov Roshin, Gourov-Roshin, Amaal Mallik

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  • chuttan

    *Beyond the jingoistic ode to the Indian Army* , somethin is burnin, m i the only 1 or any1 else can also feel the anti-nationalistic bhaviour of the reviewer here, when r u gettin cnfrmed tickets to the hell called porkistan, lol!!

    • sarath_p

      I guess you might be the only one feeling that way. Bringing this argument time and again you are just taking the focus away from music.

  • chuttan

    O janiya, i actually laughed after watchin the vdeo & simultaneously listenin to audio, truly a laughable xperience!!

  • chuttan

    Quite a comedy review, mayb bcoz u like to make fun of whatever nationalistic things come in ur way & just r desperate to promote anti-nationalistic things as much as possible, lol!!

  • chuttan

    *Force 2’s soundtrack seems forced*, mayb bcoz it’s not a movie which is meant for it, u must have done relative review, but anyway, i wud like to know ur reviews on amit trivedi’s & himesh’s upcomin album in future!!

  • chuttan

    Y ur review is so negative whenever some sorta nationalism is involved anywhere, r u some sorta anti-national communist, lol!!

  • Himun Chakma

    Its really awesom bro.I think this flim must viral….

    To Know More

  • Anup

    In recent times I have begun to wonder how the comments section of such a peaceful website has been poisoned so much.

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