Rum (Music review), Tamil – Anirudh

Hola amigo is exotic and funky hip-hop served with Anirudh’esque punch that includes what sounds like kanjira and snatches of dialog from Netflix’s Narcos! Incidentally, the song’s other version, Hola Senorita is straight out of Narcos, high on Latino fusion and a fantastic violin-led ending. Kadavule vidai has a pleasing, inspirational sound like Michael Jackson’s Heal the world – it even uses the hook to a fantastic, repetitive effect! Sean Roldan sings it brilliantly and Anirudh employs some highly engrossing instruments. Oddly enough, the reprise shuns all that for an odd, hip-hop mish-mash where the difference in vocals—by Anirudh himself—is starkly awkward and flat. Pori pathi vizhum serves what is perhaps Tamil cinema’s first bonafide reggaeton and Anirudh layers the backdrop incredibly well. Diwakar, and Divine—singing the Hindi verse—are perfect for the tune’s energy. Anirudh ropes in Sid Sriram for Alladhe siragiye that starts on a familiar note, but soon transcends into a pulsating electropop with a bewilderingly interesting soundscape! Peiyophobilia is the soundtrack’s weakest, almost as if Anirudh capitulated and offered a thara-local kuthu—featuring STR no less!—to offset the heady multi-genre soundtrack. But for this spooky outing, the rest of Rum is a wonderful showcase of Anirudh’s vibrant range.

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