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Mirzya (Music review), Hindi – Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Daler Mehndi

Posted by Karthik

The title song is a sprawling effort! Too sprawling, given the medley’ish ways it splinters into. But it is also mighty impressive, pulling in many voices led by Daler Mehndi, a phenomenal vocal chorus and a grand, thumping sound. Gulzar’s sparkling imagination headlines Teen gawah, propped by Siddharth Mahadevan’s fresh-sounding voice, set to a wonderfully African’ish sound. The Mirzya Theme (Broken Arrows) builds a haunting sarangi-led instrumental out of Teen gawah’s interlude. Chakora‘s sound is very Shankar Ehsaan Loy – a lively folk lilt that segues into a punchy electronic sound, even as Mame Khan and Akhtar Chanal Zahri join Suchismita Das in a superb vocal interplay.

Aave re hitchki is what happens when you are traveling on a camel cart, one night in Rajasthan, with a guitarist for company! Shankar Mahadevan rocks this swaying melody, set to a stunning mix of sarangi (Mame Khan Troupe) and guitar (Neil Mukherjee), and also an enchanting vaudevillian interlude. Hota hai is the soundtrack’s goosebumps-inducing highlight! Nooran Sisters ace the singing incredibly, while the trio builds a hypnotic sound around what is a beautifully folk’ish tune. Ek nadi thi opens to a lovely A cappella featuring Nooran Sisters and Agnee’s Mohan when the guitars kick-in, to take the flow to a new high, with the lead vocals and the chorus staying amazingly on top.

Doli re doli is a delightful surprise, mixing a sonorous jazz sound to the searing pathos rendered by Shankar Mahadevan. Victor Garcia’s trumpet stands out in the jazz ensemble with its indulgent sound. Kaushiki Chakraborty’s vocal prowess go perfectly in-sync with the expansive, and awe-inspiring symphony in Kaaga. The 6 couplets by Gulzar, arranged by Daler Mehndi, offer a nice, thematic finish to the overall soundtrack. From Katyar Kaljat Ghusli, the trio take another giant leap ahead in Mirzya!

Keywords: Mirzya, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Daler Mehndi, 300, #300

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  • rnjbond

    Fantastic soundtrack! Glad to see a 300-rating and I really hope the movie lives up to this.

  • chuttan

    This person blocked me, but i m back, lol!! I m the unstoppable, lol!!

  • chuttan

    My advice, allow people to have free speech & xpresion, rather than oppressin & blockin them!!

  • chuttan

    I m back!!

  • chuttan

    Mirzya (Music review), Hindi – Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Daler Mehndi, truly secular combination, lol!!

  • chuttan

    I think the movie name is muslim like, also the soundtrack is long, that also have contributed apart from the secular combination & other factors in the soundtrack gettin a #300!!

  • chuttan

    My suggestion, plz write in the end ur picks so that the people can do the downloading accordingly & know ur preferences!!

  • Chuttan

    Hi, thanx for unblockin me, my suggestion is that plz write in ps(post script) ur personal picks of the album, rest is ur choice, this is just an opinion!!

  • Anonymous

    What track did Daler Mehndi compose?

  • Bharat KV

    Brilliant soundtrack… My fav so far is “Aave re hitchki”… Shankar Mahadevan is so inimitably awesome… a small bit of the melody reminds me of “Ennuyir Thozhi” from “Kangalaal kaithi sei”… 🙂

  • rnjbond

    Siddhartha’s intro in Teen Gawah reminds me of Shankar’s Mahadevan’s own in “Jaane Kya Hua” from his album Breathless, complete with the African drums. Breathless, the album, is still amazing in retrospect… I worry it got overlooked beyond the Breathless and Reprise (which are classics in their own right).

  • Noufal

    Quite the soundtrack this…. Sad that this album also falls into the uniquely Indian category of movie-doesn’t-work-songs-don’t-too….it was sort of a theme last year with the two really good soundtracks by Pritam also going largely unnoticed…..Hota hai is the song of the album for me….This soundtrack deserves your indulgence….PS watching the movie really takes away the sheen of the soundtrack so don’t….cheers

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