Monday August 12, 2013

Moondram Pirai vs. Sadma – a question about Ilayaraja!

Posted by Karthik

sadma-3This is something I have always wanted to ask, but never did, so far. So, here goes!

Moondram Pirai released in 1982, at least according to Wikipedia (released on February 19, 1982). The film’s Hindi remake, Sadma, released in 1983 (July 8, 1983).

My question pertains to the magical soundtrack by Ilayaraja. There are 5 songs in the original – Kanne kalaimaane, Poongaatru pudhudhaanadhu, Ponmeni urugudhey, Vaanengum thanga vinmeengal and Narikkadhai.

The Hindi version has 5 songs too (with an added sad version for Kanne kalaimane’s Hindi variant). Why did Ilayaraja and Balu Mahendra think the original tunes of Vaanengum and Poongaatru were not suitable for the Hindi version? If the other 3 songs were somehow considered apt for the Hindi version, why not these 2 songs?

I mean, what went into their mind that they felt the urge to change these tunes? Personally, I’m not very fond of the Hindi equivalent of Vaanengum (Yeh hawa), but think that the Hindi equivalent of Poongaatru (Aye zindagi) was an amazing composition.

Aye zindagi’s tune was reused by Ilayaraja in 1984, in the Tamil film (starring Rajinikanth), Thambikku Entha Ooru!

In fact, the 2nd interlude of Aye zindagi has a mesmerising musical piece that was featured in the 2nd interlude of Poongaatru. Somehow that piece magically fits into the new tune’s scheme of things!

So, who decided this? And why? I always felt that Poongaatru is a fantastic tune that can fit into Hindi too (more than Kanne kalaimane, that I wasn’t – still not – that big a fan of, though the world around me was going nuts on it). I just can’t figure out why it was dropped in Hindi.



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