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Nee paarkum and Neenda naal has one wondering why Vidyasagar even went out of circulation in Tamil! The melodies are instantly appealing and the gracefully understated orchestration beautifully compliments Sathyaprakash, Karthik and Shweta Mohan’s excellent singing in both songs. But the answer to the first sentence’s wonder could be in Achukku buchukku! It is no […]

Nokki nokki is good old Vidyasagar – the kind with a tune that reminds one of Ilayaraja, with Vidyasagar’s own nuances added. The anupallavi’s rhythm takes too simplistic a route, but the bridge back to the pallavi is rather neat. Neelakasham, the soundtrack’s best, is even better, evoking pleasant memories of Vidyasagar’s classic, Thankathinkal, from […]

Aa oruthi, the maappila paattu is light and forthy in the genre’s tradition, enhanced by Vidyasagar’s simple and lilting rhythm. Hariharan excels in Sahibaa, a ghazal’ish ballad similar to the ones that the singer composes himself, like Paighaam’s Lafzon Ki Tarha where Vidyasagar even adds a fantastic Lalitha raaga-based interlude! In Ee thanutha, Vidyasagar seems […]

KJ Yesudas and Sujatha rule over the delightful Ee kadalinu, a typically enchanting Vidyasagar melody that also has a very Raja’ish coastal sound! In Kavil, Vidyasagar elevates the coastal-feel in the tune (very reminiscent of Bhaiyya Bhaiyya title song!) with nifty touches like the mild Latino feel and great use of chorus, brilliantly sung by […]

Omana komala seems to be using a classic Kedaram raaga base and is instantly likeable, in Najeem Arshad and Abhirami’s pitch-perfect vocals! Saajan attempts what is possibly a Rajasthani-styled song in thick Malayali-accented Hindi, while G.Sriram’s Valedukkanum blends satire and mock humor in the retro-styled tune and lyrics combo admirably well. Shyamameghame sounds more like […]

Rajalekshmi’s haunting vocals gel beautifully with the captivating piano Vidyasagar enables in the Sivaranjani raaga based Doore doore! MG Sreekumar’s other version is a compelling listen too! Koodilla kuyilamma is enthusiastic fun dipping into the frothy, foot-tapping goodness of Karaharapriya! In Madhumati poovirinjuvo, Vidyasagar makes excellent use of violin, but the tune doesn’t cope up […]

Friday October 18, 2013 20:50

Jannal Oram (Music review), Tamil – Vidyasagar

Ennadi ennadi, despite that divergent goat-herd interlude that unnecessarily mars the flow, gets its tune beautifully right, with shades of Jog raag and a simple, harmonious orchestration! Aasa vecha manasula is very Raja-during-his-peak – that absorbing and interesting a tune, while the searing pathos in Yela mala thopa comes out impressively in Anuradha Sriram and […]

Otta thumbi is typical Vidyasagar – a gorgeous folksy melody backed by a resonant sound and Raja-styled violin interludes, and sung fabulously by Shankar Mahadevan and Chithra. Cheru cheru‘s mock techno sound and Hai hai‘s forced frenzy and celebration hardly work. The short pulipulikalil -with endearing vocals by young Varsha Renjith – is background’ish at […]

Adaivaana‘s psychedelic sound is more jarring than absorbing even as Ranjith sleepwalks through the middling tune. Naan manmathar is best suited for a period when Vetri Vizha’s Maarugo maarugo was making waves, while veteran Yesudas’ Oru kodi pournami sits uncomfortably between his aged vocals and the modern sound. Of the two very-Vidyasagar’ish velvety melodies, Yaarai […]

Vaada vaada is loud and raucous in an enjoyable way; rhythmic and superbly sung by Rahul Nambiar. Iru idhayam sernthu is that melody that the composer is known really well for – brilliantly orchestrated with a lilting sound and really well sung by Karthik. Oru thuli is yet another example where Vidyasagar proves credentials with […]

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