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I wonder why I started writing music reviews! I do not remember the actual reason, but the predominant idea was to merely express my thoughts on all the music I hear – and the best part was that I seemed to have an opinion on most of them. The minute I see an ad in a Tamil newspaper about a film’s audio music launch…the minute I read about someone saying that a song in a particular Telugu film sounds awesome…the minute I hear a pleasant Hindi song in the car next to mine and the minute I come across a new song on VH1…my first reaction is to go online and read what others think of it. Is it worth buying, at least according to them? What do I think about it….you get the drift, right? The result – Milliblog.

But, let me not be selfish in merely promoting this blog – the point is to get people to know about other music reviewers online, particularly those who review or opine on music across Indian languages, with an occasional smattering of reviews from outside India too. Please note that  do not vouch for the quality of the other review blogs listed here nor do I intend to list professional reviewers like those from Bollywood Hungama or Buzz18. This list is strictly a fellow-bloggers list and a small attempt to expose them to a mildly larger base of music fans that I have gathered over the years, via Itwofs and Milliblog.

… this list is a work-in-progress. If you have a music related blog or know one that deserves to be read by music fans, do email me – milliblog at gmail dot com – comments are disabled on purpose on this post.

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