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Update – January 13, 2019: I should perhaps start with, ‘Bored of short 100 word reviews…?’ 🙂 Anyway, after doing soundtrack reviews since 2005 — or, looking at music from the lens of soundtracks — I’m done with it. I’m bored of soundtrack reviews. Even my own music listening habit has moved to playlists. If a soundtrack appealed to me in its entirety, I may do the occasional soundtrack review. But, the blog will henceforth largely be weekly playlists.

Original post:

Bored of long, pointless reviews? Or…simply annoyed with pedantic, rambling write-ups on anything? Well…you won’t get those here! Brevity is the key here. You get straight-to-the-point opinions! Period. You may not agree with many things that I share here. Fair enough. Do post your comments so we could discuss more about them, while holding on to our respective notions!

Milliblog does not have a X/10 rating or a 5-star system for rating soundtracks. Instead, by default, all reviews here are of 100 words, whether they are good, bad or average. Occasionally, there are 200 word reviews, which means I loved them! And then, there are very few 300 word reviews too… meaning I loved those soundtracks immensely. That’s it – I don’t plan to go beyond 300. Search for 200 and 300 word reviews using keywords like ‘200’ and ‘300’ 🙂

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the dreaded NW1W, or Not Worth 100 Words. It literally means, Not Worth (even) 100 Words.

As for the name Milliblog – I can hear you say, ‘with 100 word reviews, it should be Centiblog, right?’. Of course, but Milliblog has nothing to do with the number of words – its just a tribute to my favorite writer, Douglas Adams, of Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy fame. Remember Milliways – the restaurant at the end of the universe?

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