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Milliblog Weeklies, Week 140 – Jan.31, 2021

Posted by Karthik

Milliblog Weeklies – India’s only multilingual, weekly new music playlist.
Week 140: On Spotify | On YouTube
10 songs this week. YouTube has all 10, but Spotify fares very poorly this week with 4 missing songs 🙁 Have embedded them below so that you may not miss those 4 while playing only the Spotify playlist.

Sajan More Ghar – Maati Baani (Indipop): Maati Baani continues with their brand of incredibly soulful classical music coated beautifully with a modern outlook. This is fusion at its most elegant iteration. If Nirali enthralls with her command over the singing, showcasing raag Jog in all its splendour, then Kartik’s backgrounds and presence offers a very neat foil, making the combination so thoroughly enjoyable. For context, the band Filter Coffee had created a fusion variant of the same song for the 2017 film Solo, under World of Trilok.

Pon Ondru Kanden – Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy, Abby V & Venky V (Indipop/Tamil): Abhishek Iyer aka Abby V, from Canada, has already demonstrated his incredible vocal prowess through his videos. The one where he sings 73 raagas is a phenomenal watch. His latest, which he sings along with his father, expands on Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy’s iconic Padithal Mattum Podhuma (1962) melody and even with minimal background instruments, uses the duo’s voice to stupendous effect! The duo brings out the beauty of Brindavani Sarang raaga (on which the original song is based) wonderfully well, playing on each others’ strengths and voices.

Enil Paaindhidum – Sinam (Shabir) – Tamil: Even though I had difficulty in assimilating Shabir’s singing (he seems to be singing as if he is in some extreme pain), the choice of raaga for this tune does the trick for the song, and for him – Reetigowlai.

Unnai Kaanadha Kannum – K.V.Mahadevan, Girishh Gopalakrishnan (Indipop/Tamil): Continuing on Carvaan Lounge Tamil’s track record so far, Girishh’s reimagination of this classic Tamil song is excellent. Girishh’s choice of twisting the tune of ‘Nee Sollaadha Sollum Sollalla’ (which registered a higher note in the original) works wonders along with the song’s jazz-style packaging, and Tanvi carries the singing with a lot of grace.

Feel Song – Vaazhl (Pradeep Kumar) – Tamil: This is the second song in recent times that has composer Deva playing against type – the first was Mookuthi Amman’s Saami Kulasaami. Here, singing Arun Prabu Purushothaman’s poignantly funny Tanglish lyrics, Deva excels in bringing the necessary ‘feel’ to the Feel Song! Pradeep too surprises, by gently slowing the tempo at places, for an already trippy melody, and that makes for an interestingly disorienting listening experience.

Nailu Nadi – WWW (Simon K King) – Telugu: It’s good to see Simon moving to Telugu too (though some of his films have been dubbed in Telugu in the past) – this looks like a direct Telugu film considering the director (KV Guhan) had directed a Telugu film earlier (118). There are 2 lyricists credited: Ramajogaiya Sastry and Madhan Karky. Is Karky writing the Tamil (dubbed?) version of the song too, or is he credited for the smattering Tamil interlude/chorus verse in the middle? I’m not sure. But Simon’s semi-classical rock style music works effortlessly! Vasanth David’s drums is a fantastic background presence, and Sid Sriram and Kalyani Nair relish the singing part for the gorgeous tune.

Romance In Trance – Mr & Miss (Yashwanth Nag) – Telugu: The soundtrack of Mr & Miss is interesting, though for reasons I’m not able to pin, isn’t interesting enough. The tunes could be the reason – the sounds are good, but the tunes don’t stick. The one song where it did stick was the consistently engaging Romance In Trance that uses a Reetigowlai base in the backdrop to build its frenetic melody. The vocal interplay between Kamala Manohari and Yashwanth Nag also works very well.

Mausam – Innu Muthal (Mejjo Josseph) – Malayalam/Hindi: The Malayalam film industry occasionally surprises by producing songs in Hindi and they sound fantastic too! Like Shaan Rahman’s Raathein from Love Action Drama, for instance. And Mejjo surprises here by producing an almost ghazal-like semi-classical song, and Javed Ali’s incredibly affecting singing makes it even better!

Sajanaa – Pro Bros (Indipop/Punjabi): It’s a delight to hear Raghu Dixit sing in Punjabi – his high-pitched singing style works perfectly for the electro-Punjabi ballad conjured by the Pro Boys, Sunny Sharma and Karan Bhalla.

Ocean Calls My Name – Anupam Roy (Indipop): What a wonderful song! After my initial enthusiasm for Anupam’s style of music, I warmed up and settled on presuming that his music continues to play in one zone, inside a template of sorts. It was great initially, and then settled to harmless. I thought he broke open that ‘harmless’ zone here – the English-language lines seemed a bit odd on top of the Indian package in the background and the tune, but it gets better as the song progresses. Purbayan Chatterjee’s sitar and Joydeb Nandy’s tabla offer fantastic support to let Anupam sink into the melody so well.



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