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Milliblog Weeklies, Week 122 – Aug.09, 2020

Posted by Karthik

Milliblog Weeklies – India’s only multilingual, weekly new music playlist.
Week 122: On JioSaavn | On YouTube
12 songs this week. Terrible coverage across the 2 platforms – YouTube doesn’t have Mann Ki Dori from Gunjan Saxena (it’s inside a jukebox), and is missing 3 songs from Asalu Em Jarigindhante for the same reason (full jukebox of both films embedded below). JioSaavn fares even worse – has only 7 of the 12 songs.

Khuda Haafiz Title Song – Khuda Haafiz (Mithoon) – Hindi: With its steadily thrumming rhythm and Vishal Dadlani’s dependably soaring vocals, this is a lovely listen. It did take me back to Mithoon’s best days from the past when he was on a roll with The Train.

Asmaan Di Pari & Mann Ki Dori – Gunjan Saxena (Amit Trivedi) – Hindi: Amit’s soundtrack for the film is so surprisingly derivative… every song harks back many other of his own songs, and also a bit of A R Rahman (the Shehnai in Bharat Ki Beti, in particular… yes, I’m talking about Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera). It’s the singers who salvage some of the songs – Jyoti Nooran is the life of Asmaan Di Pari with her incredibly lively singing, while Armaan Malik pleasantly breathes life into the soft melody of Mann Ki Dori.

Duniya – MojoJojo (Indipop): The new single from MojoJojo’s new album AndarRated. It’s as zany as it can get, as usual. It sounded almost like Viju Shah composing after waking up from being frozen in ice (like Captain America) immediately after Mohra, taking into account the current trends. Solid fun!

Annathe Sethi – Tughlaq Durbar (Govind Vasantha) – Tamil: Vijay Sethupathy’s “Eppavume Main Switchdhaan Must-u” (written by Karthik Nehta) is bound to join so many other dialogs of his and would no doubt be used in countless memes. The song wears its ‘revolutionary sound’ up-front, but Govind’s music is pulsating and very catchy, particularly when the chorus joins Arivu’s rousing singing.

Closer Than Ever/Yaavum Nandraagum Naalai – Cover by Shakthisree Gopalan (originally by A.R.Rahman): Rahman’s original tune from Taal’s Nahin Saamne morphed into Closer Than Ever for Bombay Dreams and gets another version thanks to Shakthisree, with Tamil lyrics by Arivu. It is as exquisite as I heard the tune in Taal many years ago – the original’s poetic beauty helps this cover version in Shakthisree’s wonderful singing as well!

Suththam Seithe Yuttham Sei – Singer Srinivas, ft. Rahul Nambiar and Sharanya Srinivas (Indipop/Tamil): Singer Srinivas composes a wonderfully foot-tapping and enjoyable song on a theme that everyone is keen on propagating these days during a pandemic – cleanliness. He takes a fun, entertaining approach to the tune and that works very well. The anupallavi, with its long, snaking flow, is particularly lovely and joins the main tune really well.

Hatheri Sehari, Adhigadhigo & Ale Ale Hai – Asalu Em Jarigindhante (Charan Arjun) – Telugu: This is the kind of soundtrack where I was so pleasantly surprised that I was forced to look up who the composer is and if I have heard something from him in the past that impressed me! The overall soundtrack is pretty listenable, and I liked these 3 songs the most. Hatheri Sehari and Ale Ale Hai have the zing of a Joshua Sridhar composition, while Adhigadhigo pitches higher, genre-hopping in the interludes and retaining a predominantly semi-classical/folk sound very well, in the voices of Charan Arjun himself and Harini Ivaturi. This is a very good soundtrack and I would definitely look forward to Charan Arjun’s compositions in the future!

Kajla – Pav Dharia, ft. Tarsem Jassar (Indipop/Punjabi): A predictably Punjabi tune that composer Pav Dharia spikes up wonderfully with a fresh, rock sound. And Tarsem Jassar’s crystal-clear intonation is superb. The music video too is a great watch, as the artist, Wamiqa Gabbi traverses through Bengali and Rajasthani landscapes and outfits, before getting back to Punjab. That she actually does Malayalam and Tamil movies with the same ease makes it all the more credible.

70 Rupak – Varijashree Venugopal & Aman Moroney (Indipop/Classical): If you asked me to name my favorite classical raaga, I’d name Charukesi even in my sleep. It’s right on top, in my list. This composition by Varijashree and Aman expands on the raaga beautifully, bringing its soul to the fore in a captivating manner. No lyrics or words – just the exposition of the raaga done brilliantly!



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