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Milliblog Weeklies, Week 88 – SEP08.2019

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Milliblog Weeklies – India’s only multilingual, weekly new music playlist.
Week 88: On JioSaavn | On YouTube
21 songs this week. JioSaavn has 18 songs and is missing the 3 Malayalam songs: from Love Action Drama and Happy Sardar. YouTube has 19 songs and is missing the 2 songs from Infinity, featuring Amaan Ali Bangash, Ayaan Ali Bangash and Karsh Kale.

Kaash – The Zoya Factor (Shankar Ehsaan Loy) – Hindi: Let me start by registering my protest against Zee Music, again, this week. They haven’t mentioned the most important credit for a film song – the composer(s). I hope they add it soon, considering it already more than 24 hours! The song is lovely, and shows why the trio is simply the best! The steadily thrumming rhythm and the fantastic singing by Arijit Singh and Alyssa Mendonsa makes it a wonderful listen.

Ghungroo – War (Vishal-Shekhar) – Hindi: Vishal-Shekhar load the funk effortlessly here! The wonderfully catchy disco-style funk is the song’s biggest plus. And then there are the singers, of course – Arijit Singh and Shilpa Rao. Wonderful listen.

Ik Mulaqaat & Gat Gat – Dream Girl (Meet Bros) – Hindi: Ik Mulaqaat is honestly such a hodge-podge, sounding like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Mere Rashke Qamar and Dekhte Dekhte at the same time! I was surprised there is no credit to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in the music video, by Zee… but this is par for the course for Zee that consistently refuses to mention original song credits for remixes and recreations on more than one occasion. But the song itself is charming, and Meet Bros’ punchy sound is responsible for that. Gat gat, on the other hand, is like any other Punjabi song that celebrates alcohol. And with a heady, spirited rhythm that is thoroughly enjoyable.

Maaserati – Tanishk Bagchi & Vayu feat. Akasa (Hindi): Lamberghini, Prada and now Maaserati! And the product is shown for a few fleeting seconds right at the beginning (and then given back to the place where it was leased from?). In fact, a JCB is more prominent in the video, at 1:40! Good to see Tanishk and Vayu get back together, though, with a tune that’s perhaps straight out of Dream Girl, in terms of the funky edge. It’s catchy, in a harmless way.

Dil Mera Blast (Javed – Mohsin, featuring Darshan Raval) – Hindi: Darshan is presented like a full-fledged hero, with a dhansoo entry. The song itself is geared towards the upcoming Navrati/Dandiya, much last year’s Darshan song, Chogada, which too was produced by Lijo George (and Dj Chetas), like this song. They all have a winner again!

Tere bina – Zaeden (Hindi): Zaeden has an earnest voice and the tune he composes for his own debut too sounds pleasant and warm. I picked up some Green Day vibe (of all bands!!), though I’m not able to pinpoint where/how 🙂

Home & Believe – Infinity (Amaan Ali Bangash, Ayaan Ali Bangash, Karsh Kale) – Instrumental: This is a surprise, but a good one. The mix is not always engaging, particularly when vocals are thrown in (as in Darkness ft. Pavithra Chari or Space between ft. Shadow and Light), and even Journeyman ft. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan goes for the Middle Eastern flourish to offer the world’s definition of Eastern exotica. But Home and Believe are very, very listenable, with deeply engaging melodies, presented beautifully in Karsh Kale’s impeccable underground, electronica mix.

Ore Naal – Sanah Moidutty (Remix): The original by Ilayaraja, from Ilamai Oonjal Aadukirathu, is already such a beautiful melody. But Sanah keeps the sanctity of the original intact, even as her music arranger Prasanna Suresh maintains a calm, reverent style in the music. Sanah’s singing is the remix’s true appeal, of course. She seems to relish it so much that we listeners can literally feel it too!

[Back In Time] Chi Chi Chi – Majaa (Vidyasagar) – Tamil: It’s a shame Vidyasagar went out of circulation from Tamil film music! His sense of rhythm, melody and a really vibrant imagination for a wide range of music was unmatched! And he has produced consistently fantastic music for a very, very long time! This 2005 song is mighty unique for the structure of the melody. It literally starts with Harini berating an over-eager Shankar Mahadevan, both vocally 🙂 Vidyasagar builds his enchanting melody right from here. And his anupallavi is astoundingly beautiful too, with a beautiful bridge back to Chi Chi Chi! The music video too was a very good watch, fully shot in slow-er motion – not too slow, not real speed, but an intriguing mix!

Deniko Emito – Jodi (Phani Kalyan) – Telugu: After Idi Nijamena and Cheliya Maate Chandanam, here’s another easy winner from Jodi! Phani concocts a lovely laid-back background sound to let Aditya Rao hold forth with his excellent singing. When Satya Yamini joins in the charanam, the song gets even better.

Gagana Veedhilo – Valmiki (Mickey J Meyer) – Telugu: This is a package that scream Mickey’s style and yet the man has enough to make it sound new too! The tune’s overall fluid structure makes it rather alluring, and that multiple ‘Neeve’ phrases is a lovely touch. And of course, the background music is enticing!

Ninnu Chuse Anandamlo & Gangu Leader – Gang Leader (Anirudh) – Telugu: Anirudh’s Telugu repertoire is on fire! Ninnu Chuse Anandamlo has Sid Sriram singing it, but it is perhaps one of his more unique songs that doesn’t ask him to sing in the same style that is honestly getting repetitive. Anirudh’s backgrounds are absolutely enchanting, with multiple layers and a busy’ness that keeps you hooked! And then he also layers the sarod (by Prattyush Banerjee) in the 2nd interlude, to add to the magic! The title song is unadulterated fun! This is perhaps what I was expecting from Petta, for Rajinikanth, but Anirudh chose more predictable templates there.

Pain Song – Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru (Jay Krish) – Telugu: The third song from the film and Jay Krish amps up the promise (if I ignore the middling title song). Anurag Kulkarni is stupendously good with the singing, and Jay’s music, with a smattering of the Latino, builds up progressively really well. Sarath’s woodwinds and the horn section, in particular, is brilliant.

Patiala Peg – Happy Sardar (Gopi Sundar) – Malayalam: This is such a mish-mash of a song 🙂 Kalidas Jayaram does look convincing as a sardarji, but Zia-Ul-Haq’s singing, mixing Malayalam, Hindi and Punjabi is utterly chaotic, in a fun way! Gopi’s ebullient sound keeps the song lively and entertaining, though.

Raathein & Aalolam – Love Action Drama (Shaan Rahman) – Malayalam: The soundtrack has 6 songs, but what really worked for me are these 2 songs. Raathein is a companion piece to Patiala Peg, with its Hindi-English mix is so unabashedly Malayalee in ethos, with a lovely jazz sound. Even the spelling, Raathein with a ‘h’, would make any self-respecting “North Indian” cringe 🙂 But that’s Sout’h’ India and we’re proud of it! Narayani Gopan is smashingly good, despite occasionally if’fy Hindi diction and Shaan Rahman is good with the English part. Aalolam is Shaan’s domain, with a definite whiff of early-days Rahman! Very, very pleasing melody, sung well by KS Harisankar and Gowry Lekshmi.

Manase Maya – Mundina Nildana (Masala Coffee) – Kannada: The vibrant melody’s sensibility is very Indie and very Masala Coffee – could be easily heard in any of the 4 Southern languages! Sooraj Santhosh and Varun Sunil handle the endearing tune, with a profusion of lovely music, particularly Arshad Khan’s Esraj.

Vallav Re Nakhwa – Prajakta Shukre (Marathi): For Tamilians, this Marathi song may be far more familiar as THE Paalkaaran song from Annamalai 🙂 Prajakta Shukre’s recreation keeps the original’s spirit intact but also amps up the music well. Agnel Roman’s guitar, in particular, is spellbinding.



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