Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota (Music review), Hindi – Karan Kulkarni

Karan Kulkarni opens the soundtrack on a blistering 80s pop note with Rappan Rappi Rap. In a way, it extends Benny Dayal’s (who sings it) own brand of music layering funk and disco. That it is also loaded with film titles, dialogs and corny pop culture references (like the 4 Nirma girls’ names) makes it all the more enjoyable. Kitthon Da Tu Superstar carries the retro vibe, but this one’s 90s Punjabi dance-pop, evoking the Malkit Singh high. The song’s Shooter Version (co-composed by Dipanjan Guha) oozes a lot more funk, with far less lyrics and singing.

Tere Liye takes a surprisingly ballad’ish turn with brilliant singing by Kamakshi Rai and Vishal Mishra. The music is lush, tantalizing and seductive! Nakhrewaali is absolutely electric! With a soft opening, a staccato bridge and the ‘Nakhrewaali’ hook, the song moves to phenomenally interesting territory with what sounds like Udukkai!! The percussion all through the song is particularly fantastic, even as the second interlude goes completely funky! Kamakshi Rai is incredibly good in Dreamtime, a stunningly beautiful bluesy song that you’d expect Saba Azad to pull off given how little of her voice is in Nakhrewali. But, full marks to Kamakshi.

Tumhari Sulu’s director Suresh Triveni (Karan Kulkarni did the background music for that film) is outstanding as the South Indian-accented singer, pulling a S.P.Balasubrahmanyam effortlessly in Life Mein Fair Chance Kiska (Jimmy Mani Song). Karan music generously alludes to The Venturers, but the mix is decidedly more The Venturers Have A Benne Masala Dosa at MTR. Using the ‘Ude Ude’ hook from Rappan Rappi Rap, Karan builds an intriguing electronic mix in Shaolin Sky, featuring his own rap. It’s heady and delightfully punchy.

Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota is, hands down, the most eclectic Hindi film soundtrack in recent times. Karan Kulkarni literally does a Phata Poster Nikhla Composer entry into mainstream Hindi film music with this film.

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