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July Kaatril (Music review), Tamil – Joshua Sridhar

Posted by Karthik

Merkilae Merkilae is such a welcome relief. That Joshua Sridhar is still around and is able to get an opportunity! It’s such a breezy melody, accentuated by Sathyaprakash’s superb singing. The pallavi is incredibly addictive, but when Johsua layers the strings in the anupallavi when Sathyaprakash goes, ‘Idhu pudhiya arimugam’, you know you listening to something brilliant. The first and second interlude’s contrast, with the latter being more semi-classical, is worth noting.

Kayathe Kanagathe is almost what Harris Jayaraj was, before he got stuck into a painful loop. The tune’s zing reminded me of early Harris when his music was so much more alive and vibrant. It is interesting to note Joshua picking on that. On the other hand, in Kaatre Kaatre, Joshua does a perfect blend of early Rahman and early Harris! The semi-classical tone of the song works wonders in Sharanya Srinivas’s incredible singing. The predominant ghatam backdrop is the early Rahman-cue and lends the song a serene aura.

The singers, Syed Subhan, M.C. Chethan and Pragathi Guruprasad do a competent job. Kangalin Oramai is the single launched long before the soundtrack, back in August 2018. It’s a nice R&B’ish melody, with Suzanne D’Mello’s accented Tamil mixing a bit uncomfortably with Ramya NSK’s significantly better Tamil. Vaa Alaipol is perhaps the soundtrack’s weakest, but only among the 5 songs in this soundtrack, in comparison. The rhythm is a bit too predictable and simplistic, but within that constraint too, it works effortlessly since it is catchy. Haricharan and Varshini Muralikrishnan keep it mighty listenable, incidentally.

July Kaatril is one of Joshua’s best complete soundtracks, despite very good songs in soundtracks like 2018’s Oru Kuppai Kathai, 2016’s Parandhu Sella Vaa or 2015’s 54321. I really hope he is here to stay.

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