Friday January 25, 2019

Mehandi Circus (Music review), Tamil – Sean Roldan

Posted by Karthik

Aavoji works like a good intro the eponymous Mehandi Circus, though the tune seems labored around the title. Sean Roldan’s music, however, riffing on vibrant synth, sounds vastly more interesting than the tune, even though composer Santhosh Narayanan invests a lot in the vocals, and almost sounds like Amit Trivedi, in terms of the range! Sean’s tune gets better in Vellattu Kannazhagi, even though the slightly common-place rhythm is a minor irritant. The anupallavi’s melody is particularly alluring! The melody goes significantly better in Veyil Mazhayae, which is the real Sean Roldan in action! The way it opens, and the way it builds, when the rhythm lands… and in Vignesh Ishwar’s affecting voice, it all works very beautifully! Even the interlude by Subiksha Rangarajan and the other language that seeps in, everything fits!

With Kodi Aruvi, Sean hits it out of the park! The melody, the strings and interludes have an Ilayaraja’esque stature even as Raja’s name appears in the anupallavi! Pradeep Kumar and Nithyashree are so good with the singing. And that ‘Saarayam illama’ line is pure genius! Siragi Un Sirippaala is a charming song too, with a throwback to early Rahman, like Ratchagan’s Chandiranai Thottadhu Yaar. The highly rhythmic sound and Sathyaprakash’s singing keep things enjoyable. The sweeping pathos and Latino of Love Polladhadhu seems too dependent on the on-screen visuals, with a little less interesting tune. But yes, Vijay Yesudas’s soulful vocals prop the song, that sounds a bit retro at places, adequately.

Sean Roldan was completely missing in 2018, after a stellar soundtrack like Power Paandi in 2017. With Mehandi Circus, he pitches his talent again strongly.

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