Thursday October 4, 2018

Helicopter Eela (Music Review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi, Daniel B.George & Raghav Sachar

Posted by Karthik

Mummy Ki Parchai is way too familiar Amit. That and the forced lyrics pull it down. However, Yaadon Ki Almari sells nostalgia beautifully, including that cute diversion into O.P.Nayyar’s Lakhon Hain and Palomi’s expressive singing. Her Ruk Ruk remix (by Raghav) is cringe-inducing, though. But Palomi’s Khoya Ujaala (by Daniel B.George) is a great listen, with a mellow hook layered on electronic phrases. In Dooba Dooba, Amit’s lilting rhythm and strings offer expansive sound, while Sunidhi and Arijit lift the melody impressively. Daniel’s Chand Lamhe, in comparison, is less interesting, but for Shilpa Rao’s singing. Three good songs overall, in Helicopter Eela.

Keywords: Helicopter Eela, Amit Trivedi, Daniel B.George, Raghav Sachar

Listen to the songs on Saavn:

Listen to Ruk Ruk Remix here:



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