Sunday September 23, 2018

VadaChennai (Music review), Tamil – Santhosh Narayanan

Posted by Karthik

Of the five gaana-style songs, Sandhanatha and Goindhammavaala get significantly spruced up sounds. The former is incredibly rhythmic, sung with giddy enthusiasm by Ka Ka Balachander, while the latter is aided beautifully by the chorus, even as the music is simple and foot-tapping, to match Dhanush’s appropriately raw vocals. Between the other three, Arivu’s Mathiya Seraiyila stands out as a catchy jail-gaana. Maadila Nikkura Maankutty is Gana Bala’s voyeuristic serenade that Dhee turns into a consenting arrangement. The song’s vibrant orchestration and chorus is delightful! Led by Sriram Parthasarathy, Kaarkuzhal Kadavaiye is a complete change in sound and the soundtrack’s best. The song’s guitar and flute mix, interludes ideated by Sean Roldan, the change of tune in the anupallavi and the background vocal mix are enchanting! Ennadi Maayaavi Nee extends that sound, with Sid Sriram’s expressive singing elevates it significantly, along with the sprawling orchestral background. The victorious, thematic King Of The Sea is superbly mounted, using FAME Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra, Martin Vijay’s brass section and Ananthu’s soaring vocals. VadaChennai Theme, though, portends more ominous things, but in a wonderfully grand manner. With Kaala, Pariyerum Perumal and now VadaChennai, his 25th soundtrack, Santhosh Narayanan hits a new high this year.

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