Thursday September 13, 2018

Manmarziyaan (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Posted by Karthik

Mast Ali’s heady vocals lift the already giddy-in-love Punjabi tune in F For Fyaar. In Daryaa, when the mukhda soars, it goes back to Amit’s Dev.D! Fantastic singing by Ammy Virk and Shahid Mallya. But the Unplugged version hardly works, with contrasting vocals by Deveshi Sahgal. Chonch Ladhiyaan is a delightful, earthy melody with Shellee’s lovely lyrics and that addictive ‘Nache’. DhayaanChand starts off on a sedate Punju note, but really kicks off when Nikhita Gandhi strolls in with ‘Jhalli Jhalli Jhalli’. Grey Walaa Shade comes alive in Shellee’s heartwarming Punjabi+English mix. Amit’s pleasant music props the engaging melody. In Halla, Amit’s choice of Jyoti Nooran is perfect. She carries the beautifully built tune that gets progressively exciting. Sacchi Mohabbat and Jaisi Teri Marzi sound conventional, but they’re also a heartfelt—albeit filmy—melodies that gain enormously from wonderful singing. Bijlee Giregi and Sherni both offer entrancing rap tributes to the lead female character. Kundali is predictably-Amit, but the energetic rhythm over the folk’ish tune keeps the tune engaging. In Jala Di, the otherwise standard-issue melody gets a rousing EDM boost, while Fyaar Pe Duniya‘s retro sound works because of Alamgir Khan. Amit offers a riveting follow-up to Udta Punjab in Manmarziyaan!

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