Pataakha (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Bhardwaj

Balma gets better progressively, and Sunidhi joining Rekha lends it a lively banter-style fun. Rekha owns Hello Hello in her inimitable style! The song’s riotous tune, raucous chorus, and Rekha rolling the ‘r’s make it a great listen! The title song‘s frenetic energy is addictive – Vishal sings it with great flair. The song’s instrumental layer is particularly fantastic! Sukhwinder’s Gali Gali plays out like its companion piece, with a joyous folk rhythm. Arijit gets the soundtrack’s best, Naina Banjare. Amidst Ankur Mukherjee’s spectacular guitar work, Arijit’s handling of Vishal’s beautifully lush melody is outstanding. Pataakha explodes in typical Vishal-style.

Keywords: Pataakha, Vishal Bhardwaj

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