Monday September 10, 2018

Pariyerum Perumal (Music review), Tamil – Santhosh Narayanan

Posted by Karthik

Karuppi is a searing hip-hop melody that Santhosh sings with intensity. The tune and the rap, along with the ending, offer a haunting, modern oppaari (elegy) of sorts! Vanakkam Vanakkamunga is authentic, austere Tamil folk with no shade of anything cinematic. In comparison, Engum Pugazh Thuvanga fares better with its authentic folk sound and lyrics, bringing to life a lively village fest! Anthony Daasan and Kallur Mariappan’s singing, and Dayanandham’s urumi stand out. Potta Kaatil Poovasam is jaw-droppingly beautiful! Santhosh produces an incredibly orchestrated melody that even takes a heart-stopping pause right in the middle! The vocal harmony between Yogi Sekar and Fareedha is scintillating, even as Ananthu’s backing vocal offers a superb parallel layer (complete with an incredible classical vocalization towards the end). The last two songs are decidedly Coldplay’ish! In Vaa Rayil Vidapolama, Prithika’s (sounding much like Dhee Venka) serene voice lifts the sobering melody. Naan Yaar closes the soundtrack on an uptempo note, with a thrumming rhythm and soaring vocal choruses, and fantastic singing by Vijaynarain, Ananthu and Santhosh Narayanan. Mari Selvaraj’s lyrics, with a vignette of ‘Who am I?’ questions, is highly absorbing. After Kaala, Pariyerum Perumal is the second whopper from Santhosh Narayanan this year!

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