Naa Nuvve (Music review), Telugu – Sharreth

Hey Hey ILU‘s plethora of smartphone notification sounds is as annoying as Right Right – both outdated tunes. In Nijama manasa, Sharreth alternates M.M.Manasi’s tantalizingly slow parts with Yazin Nizar’s outburst; the mix works beautifully, like Sharreth’s own Premika, a searing pathos amidst the aggressive chorus. The soundtrack’s best are Chiniki chiniki, an unusual melody that richly rewards investing on the beautifully complex flow, and the title song that Priya Mali holds magnificently with her singing, along with the piano. Naa Nuvve doesn’t reach the 180 high of the duo’s earlier soundtrack, but Sharreth does mighty well in the melodies!

Keywords: Naa Nuvve, Sharreth, Jayendra

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