Monday February 5, 2018

Gultoo (Music review), Kannada – Amit Anand

Posted by Karthik

Saalaagi‘s sweeping melody seems perfect for Saindhavi’s range, and the frenetic breakbeats lift the song to a new high! Amit’s vocals don’t help the song’s reprise Kaanada preethi, but the tune’s instrumental extension is pretty good! Neenondu ashcharya could have easily come from Judah Sandhy’s mind! Lovely melody and excellent orchestration as well! VTU We Love You has Raghu Dixit going through the nostalgic college-anthem wonderfully. Kadalaache seems too sappy in comparison, but Raghuram’s entry props the tune well. Composer Amit Anand showed promise in his 2011 album, 2 Way. With Gultoo, he makes a promising and confident film debut.

Keywords: Gultoo, Amit Anand

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