Kee (Music review), Tamil – Vishal Chandrashekar

Raaja paatu is far away from any Ilaya’raja’ song, with lyrics sounding as free-flowing as the Tequila at the pub the song refers to. But the song is heady, with a spirited EDM sound. That ‘Raja’ paatu flavor actually appears in Kaadhoram, with a gorgeous melody at the center, built with a lovely ‘Puyal mazhai’ chorus! Pattikichu pathiya, despite the generally amiable sound, is a fairly dated ‘friendship’ song template. Kattappa is no different – oft-used Goan baila template to the hilt! Kudutha paru kee is too bizarre to even comment on. Raaja paatu and Raja’ish paatu (Kaadhoram) help Kee.

Keywords: Kee, Vishal Chandrashekar

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