Agnyaathavaasi (Music review), Telugu – Anirudh

Dhaga dhaga maney, with its searing guitar backdrop (Prasanna, Rex Vijayan and Keba Jeremiah) and Anirudh’s vocal-cord busting singing is a pulsating listen! The classical guitar interludes and Anirudh’s work on the keyboard, in particular, significantly amps up the song. Baitikochi chuste is playful Anirudh at his best! The song is breezy and highly engaging, with the little musical nuances that one expects from the composer, with Keba’s guitar and Kamalakar’s flute leading the way. In Swagatham Krishna, Anirudh retains Oothukkadu Venkata Subbaiyer’s original Mohanam-raaga base, but transforms the serene classical piece into an ambient orchestral variant. The build-up to introduce the jathi, mid-way, is especially fantastic and Niranjana Ramanan is absolutely splendid in her singing. Gaali vaaluga is incredibly catchy, with its foot-tapping calypso rhythm, Saroja’s Dilruba interludes and splendid guitar by Keba. On top of all this Anirudh’s tune has a free-flowing nature that he programs and sings really well. AB yevaro nee baby is a fantastic musical melange! Anirudh ropes in Nakash Aziz (with excellent backing vocals by Arjun Chandy) for this entertaining track that has a gentle swing seemingly tailor-made for Pawan’s trademark steps. Anirudh’s long overdue Telugu debut is a zingy and thoroughly entertaining affair!

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