Chamak (Music review), Kannada – Judah Sandhy

In Kush kush, Judah’s electronic mix is incredibly cool, with an addictive, sedate lilt. Sanjith Hegde, sounding a bit like Sid Sriram, is terrific! Judah also adds in Indian sounds for Deeksha Ramakrishna’s entry and this adds to the song’s allure. Nee nanna olavu is no different! Judah pulls off a lush, thoroughly engaging melody, layered beautifully with the right dose of electronic elements, and the singers—Abhinandan Mahishale and Supriya Lohith—doing a splendid job! Avalakki buwalakki is solid fun, with its swinging blues flavor and Judah assembling the voices of Chethan Naik and Eesha Suchi to brilliant effect. The soundtrack’s best is O sanjeya hoove, a searing, sweeping melody that Haricharan completely relishes singing even as Priya Hemesh gives him company mid-way and amps up the song’s appeal, which is a classic pathos tune in the tradition of Andy Williams’ Where Do I Begin (from Love Story). Judah is particularly very, very good with the backgrounds. As if to underline the song’s superb tune, Judah adds an acoustic version in the voices of Narayan Sharma and Sparsha RK and produces an encore! Judah always seemed promising, but Chamak is where all that promise finally comes together in a fantastic soundtrack!

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