Wednesday November 29, 2017

Malli Raava (Music review), Telugu – Shravan

Posted by Karthik

Shravan builds the title song really well! He shifts the pitch to differentiate the male (sung by himself) and female (reprise, sung by Sunitha Upadrashta) versions, to accommodate the euphoric high-pitched phrase mid-way. Shravan’s vocal range isn’t entirely able to handle it, but the changed pitch helps Sunitha. The strings in the background, added layer by layer, accentuates the melody wonderfully. Chinuku has a sweet and likeable tune, and the rhythmic sound works well over it. Karthik and Lalitha Kavya are pitch-perfect handling the 2 versions. The song’s shorter 3rd version, Telisi telisi is constructed with an ethereal sound and beautifully sung by Harini Ivaturi. Welcome back to love is equally catchy and rhythmic, with a tune that has one shaking the head along, with an addictive hook to boot! Hemachandra’s singing is, as always, bang on target, particularly in the anupallavi! Ennadu sees Sai Krishna and Lalitha Kavya play off each other mighty well in the gently lilting melody, backed by splendid keys. The only song that seems relatively staid is Kaala Bhairava’s Adugasale – a bit too maudlin and middlingly sung pathos. It’s time Shravan hit the big league, after scores like Chandamama Raave, and now Malli Raava.

Keywords: Malli Raava, Shravan, Shravan Bharadwaj, 200, #200

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