Semma Botha Aagathey (Music review), Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja

The title song is effortless Yuvan at his best – addictively cool EDM mix! Itemkaaran is no different, with its insanely catchy hook and a steadily raucous kuthu rhythm, delivered with the perfect verve by Ranjith and Anita! Idhayathai oru nodi joins the long list of Yuvan songs that should have been sung by a better singer! Yuvan’s appallingly offkey and labored singing pulls down what is otherwise a pretty neat melody! Ramya Nambeesan’s slurring Gaali pannura is on similar lines, though she handles the inebriated tune with a bit more charm. Very-Yuvan soundtrack; catchy tunes, terrible singing, all included.

Keywords: Semma Botha Aagathey, Yuvan Shankar Raja

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