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Kaathirukkum koottathukku is so typically Sean; a whiff of Celtic, fantastic guitar and a lively tune rendered enthusiastically by Hariharasudhan. Azhagile enai has Pradeep’s vocals, enough said! The beautiful melody has an almost-spoken flow with each line ending in a contemplative pause! Thee thee has the charm of a 90s pop track with a lovely […]

Prem & Hardeep’s O meri mehbooba remix is a terrible khichdi. Peh gaya khalara fits in Jasleen’s 2nd template (the 1st being the child-woman melody) – generic, highly rhythmic Punjabi folk. Sumeet Bellary scores well with Tu mera bhai and Bura na mano; adequately funky, with eclectic musical mix. Shaarib & Toshi’s soulful Punjabi ballad […]

Sunday November 19, 2017 08:52

Milliblog Weeklies – NOV12.2017

Given the proliferation of singles over full soundtracks and considering the fact that I make playlists for myself every week consisting of new music (both singles and songs part of fully released soundtracks), I have decided to share those playlists as well without being constrained by the full soundtrack release or reviewing that first. I […]

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