Yuddham Sharanam (Music review), Telugu – Vivek Sagar

Yelugula teraley has the lilt and serene sound of the North East, with natural sounds thrown in to amplify the melody. Shaktisree Gopalan is in stupendous form, with Pramod Umapathi’s flute giving her superb company. Neevalaney is Karthik’s show, in a melody that seems tailor-made for him. Vivek’s Catharsis band-mates, Phani Teja’s carnatic synth (a great step forward for Phani, from Catharsis songs like Kaleidoscope and Music Therapy) and Sanjay Das’ drums keep the tune lively and totally likeable. Adedo maayalley harks back to Vivek’s Tamil song from with its whispery jazz sound and George Hull’s sax covering both songs! Tracey Thorton’s accented Telugu, strangely, finds an interesting fit for the tune! Padmavyuham and the title song‘s angsty tunes get punchy expressions by Nikhita Gandhi and Pranav Chaganty in the former and Shivam and Kaala Bhairava in the latter, though the overall sound is background’ish at best. But the title song definitely scores better with its edgy orchestration. Vivek’s choice of roping in V.Pradeep Kumar to handle Enno enno bhavaley pays off wonderfully, given how he delivers the delightful melody in his inimitable style, ably supported by Aslam Khan’s sarangi. Vivek delivers confidently in his first big outing.

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