Bareilly Ki Barfi (Music review), Hindi – Assorted composers

Tanishk Bagchi’s Sweety tera is built efficiently around the hook and with that catchy rhythm, it works effortlessly. Tanishk’s other composition that he shares credit with Vayu—Twist kamariya—isn’t quite as lucky, with its templatized sound. Arko’s Nazm is a lovely melody that is not in its best form in his own sappy voice, but in the other 2 versions, by Ayushmann and Sumedha Karmahe! Samira Koppikar’s Bairaagi has a wonderfully warm melody that shines in both versions. Sameer Uddin’s Badass babuaa closes the soundtrack with a cool and funky hip-hop mix! Bareilly Ki Barfi gets the multi-composer mix just right.

Keywords: Bareilly Ki Barfi, Tanishk Bagchi, Arko, Tanishk – Vayu, Samira Koppikar, Sameer Uddin

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